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Omer Anatot is a digital entrepreneur, specializing in marketing, advertising, and business development.

Omer began his professional career as a business development manager for the first e-commerce site in Israel, "Dibuk", which was considered back in the late nineties "The Israeli Amazon".

in the late nineties "The Israeli Amazon".

During his long and full of achievements professional career, he was involved in various successful startups in New York, including Hotbar and as an investor in many companies including IronSource.

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i am omer anatot

If you have reached my homepage then it’s most probably because your venture needs to take off, but it’s lacking something. Don’t worry if you came all the way here, it’s a positive sign overall because it already means you are holding to something good, something you deeply believe in, which only requires the final ‘fine-tune’ that will allow you to run forward, and will push you forward to the next level of reaching investors.

Based on the experience and expertise I have gained over the past 26 years in Israel and around the world - in advertising, entrepreneurship, marketing, and business development - at the age of 49, I’m finally experienced enough and ‘in shape’ to help others succeed.

I’m aware that sometimes good ideas are getting lost in tons of unnecessary details, and this is an aspect that fails most ventures maturing to real business platforms.

No matter how your idea might be brilliant, it still needs to reach the level of excellence, and I’m here to help you with that, whether in a one-time consultation or a work plan fully addressed to The tactical and strategic levels, in which I will accompany your venture as a mentor.

Yours truly,