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I was born in Haifa, I am 49 years old, and the father of three children who mean the whole world to me.

I served in the IDF as combat fighter and combat medic in ‘Moran unit’, the military service was challenging in a way that helped me to strengthen myself to any hardship that will follow afterward, knowing that any mission can be accomplished. After the service, I bought a one-way plane ticket with no return date, I was eager to see the world and travel.

After a year and a half, I returned home to Israel, armed with the decision to fulfill some dreams I had - setting up a band (it was fun, the audience was not impressed :)), buying a professional off-road motorcycle, setting up a motorcycle accessories company and working as a cook in several restaurants. Then I began studying for my BA degree in business administration and economics.

After moving to Tel Aviv I was appointed as a sales manager for a music consulting and copyright management company, my career took a slightly different path later on, but I’ll always remember for the better this period which included working with all the major advertising agencies, production studios, and TV channels. The love for music has remained a significant part of my life, even though business and entrepreneurship have become my main occupation.

In 1999, I was appointed as a business development manager for ‘Dibuk’, one of the first e-commerce sites in Israel, which sold books online and pioneered this field in the Holyland. Some even considered us with the potential of becoming the Israeli ‘Amazon’, it did not happen, but I have learned an important lesson about my strengths and abilities to truly understand the potential of the industry. After that, and for the second time in my life, I booked a one-direction flight ticket, the destination was New-York, where I have studied for a master’s degree in business administration and advertising.

The startup bubble in the Big Apple was at its peak at the time, and I specialized in several companies until I became a partner in one myself. During my professional career, I clearly realized one golden rule - true entrepreneurship sums and consists of all your professional skills. Nowadays, it is no longer enough to have only technological knowledge or just having knowledge in marketing, you need to acquire as many skills as possible, that are relevant to all various market areas, and know-how to apply and integrate each of them in your business choices. Since returning to Israel from New York, it has always remained as the golden rule I kept on following and the rule I’m trying to teach all the young entrepreneurs with whom I work with ever since. In recent years I have been mainly involved in consulting to various ventures in the fields of digital and online, as I try to combine the knowledge I have gained in business, advertising, and marketing into one holistic methodology.

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